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Ohio State University 2008


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My sympathies to everyone who has been having problems with Ohio. It sounds very frustrating. That said, I'm not sure it's possible to escape administrative-type issues wherever you end up in life. I've definitely had some issues where I am doing my undergrad (::cough:: Student Financial Services). I think on a day-to-day basis as a student, what will really matter is the professors and students you interact with... which isn't to say that if the secretaries mess things up for you it won't be really, really irritating. But my feeling is that if you decided between two universities on the basis of the problems you had with one admissions office, that doesn't necessarily mean that the school where *you* didn't have the problems doesn't have administrative issues at all. It probably does, in my experience. Alas... :)

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I agree with Missy about the administrative side, but just to add some more info about why I decided OSU was bad (besides, the admin issue) During this whole process I talked to many different people at five different schools, and almost all of them advised me againt going to OSU. I study Russian history, and OSU completely let the Russian Review move to Kansas because they didn't want it anymore. Everyone was shocked about this, since the Review is the number one journal for Russian!

Also, two people I met left OSU to pursue jobs elsewhere because they said that the department treats their grad students like crap!

So for all of those who didn't get in, I congratulate you! I think it may be for the best :)

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For anyone still waiting to hear, I'd recommend emailing the graduate coordinator. Although this was my third attempt at contacting the department, she did respond pretty quickly today. I wasn't accepted. Though her email in response to what I might do to make myself a stronger candidate did make me feel a bit better:

You were on our list for a teaching associateship. Unfortunately, we were not able to make many offers this year, and your file fell just outside of the rank order for those we would accept.

Not the news I wanted, but I'll stick to the thought that I'm better off in the end!

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