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MPP/ MA Second Half Study Abroad component??

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Hi guys! I saw a bunch of people post on this forum for a scholarship application I applied to a while back. I have been having some reservations about the current Grad Program I am in and I was wondering what other people thought of the situation and if anyone had any advice? Anyway I am currently pursuing an MA in Political science. The program functions very similarly to an MPP and while we are not awarded with an MPP we are required to study abroad and have the option obtain a second MA or MSc at a foreign university in Europe. My research interests are international relations and security studies with a focus on Latin America. At the beginning of the year I was scheduled to study abroad at La Universidad Complutense in Madrid so I could work in an environment where I would learn in Spanish at a very high level, but because of issues with the program I was told that they would no longer be sending students to the school due to "administrative difficulties." I was given the option to study at their other partner the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona or to pick another university. After doing research on UPF I saw that program was entirely in English and would focus on Data Analysis related to political campaigns (not at all what I want to study), so decided to do pick their program at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam which focuses on International Relations. While I am a glad to have the opportunity to study abroad as a graduate student and I know that many would do anything for this opportunity, in the back of my mind I keep wondering if this is the best decision for me? Should I be going some where to improve my language skills or that better focuses on what I do? Any advice from MPP grads is hugely welcomed. 



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