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Hello all,

I am new to the forum and am certainly not a grad yet, however I aspire to start M.A. and eventually my Ph.D after a couple of years since I am still a young lowly undergrad!

So my current situation is that I have arranged a visit to a school that I am interested in attending for my M.A./Ph.D. In the visit I will most likely be given a tour and some info about the school’s program/faculty/research interests. 

My biggest question out of this whole thing is what I’m going to be wearing. Given that this is not an interview since I haven’t applied yet and won’t apply for a couple of years even, what does an appropriate dress code look like?

I want to make a really good impression on the faculty while I’m visiting. It is in a more humid/hot climate so I am thinking perhaps a linen shirt with a sport coat or plain navy blazer and a comfortable pair lightweight chinos. Comfortable loafers or sperrys for footwear. 

My other question is do I wear a casual tie or is that excessive? 


Opinions are needed, and welcomed. 

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25 minutes ago, tandemtriumphans45 said:

It is in a more humid/hot climate 

Welcome to the Grad Cafe.

The tie and blazer may be excessive based upon the climate alone. Add to that the potential for getting a little nervous (it happens), and you could in for a long, sweaty day. (And also, ironically, some teeth chattering moments if the HVAC is cranked up inside of halls/libraries.)

I would recommend that you look into a moisture-wicking base layer along with the chinos and shirt. If you decide to wear a blazer, figure out how you may want to carry it around if you need to take it off.

Figure out how much antiperspirant and cologne you'll need to wear. You don't want to overdo it and you don't want to underdo it.

Beyond that, consider the virtues of a small note book and a pen. And cash. Take a small amount of cash (like $60 with $20 in change).

When it's time to ask questions, I very strongly recommend that you focus on the more immediate task of finishing your undergraduate work, getting an internship, and getting ready to apply to masters programs. Over the horizon questions about over the doctorate program and job placement are important, but you can make a good impression by demonstrating a focus on the here and the now.

Please remember to turn off your phone when you're on campus. (By off, I mean off. So you won't be tempted to check it when you're supposed to be receiving non-verbal cues.)

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