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What portion of graduate schools ask applicants to disclose academic misconduct records?


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Hello! I'm new here... So, long story short, I've been accused of academic misconduct in my sophomore year of undergrad (I'm not actually guilty). I was accused of unauthorized collaboration on a homework assignment in a programming class, and was given a small grade penalty and put on disciplinary probation for one calendar year... I'm currently fighting really hard to appeal these punishments. According to my university's academic misconduct committee, writing about the possible impacts of the punishments on my future in my appeal statement may help my case (for whatever reason...). 

So, would anyone happen to know about what portion of graduate schools ask students to disclose history of academic misconduct on their applications? I've heard that most do, but some do not, however I'm not sure really how common it is for a graduate school to not ask for this information. Basically, if I can't get this appealed, am I going to be super screwed everywhere, or am I going to be super screwed just in most places? 

Thanks in advance for any input !

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That's really unfortunate, and I hope your appeal is successful!

From what I recall, all of the applications I filled out asked about academic misconduct. Often, there was a space for you to explain the circumstances if you checked "yes". If you're able to explain the situation there to the grad committee in an honest way, including your appeal attempt, that might be your best bet. Homework collusion isn't a great charge to get slapped with, but....it could be worse. If the accusation sticks, all you can really do is try to make the rest of your application stands out. Letters of recommendation, especially, if other professors can testify to your academic abilities and integrity. 

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Every program I've applied to (when I did my MA a few years ago, and applying for doctoral programs now) has asked about academic misconduct, and require an explanation of said misconduct on the application you check the "yes" box. I don't know how it will affect your chances overall, but I can imagine it being difficult to get into programs with really strict honor codes if there's an actual violation (rather than accusation) on your record. However, others likely have more insight into this.

I assume it's similar to when they ask you if you've had a criminal violation in grad school and job applications - some schools may not be interested in anyone who has run afoul of the law, while others are more open to an explanation of the circumstances. 

But to answer your question directly - based on my anecdotal experience, they all ask. 

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