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Can I still expect fundings when I got off from waitlist from Georgetown MPP


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Hi everyone,

I am an international student who is pursing a mpp/mpa in the US this year. I handed in my application pretty early and got into most of the universities I applied for. However, I got waitlisted from  Georgetown - one of my dream unis. I didnt have much hope at that time, so in April I accecpted the offer from Cornell CIPA. 

Just when I accepted the fact that I am going to Cornell, and starting to prepare to apply for a visa, I got an email yesterday from Georgetown saying that I got accepted. Of course this is a great news for me, but the acceptatnce letter did not come with any funding information. The tuition fee for MPP at Georgetown is much more expensive than at Cornell ( around 20k more per year) plus the living cost in DC is so much higher than in Ithaca. So I probably wont consider Georgotown if I dont get any fundings. 

Now I only have 10 days to make my final decision, and I am wondering if it is possible for me to ask for fundings? (Because my understanding is that people on the wailist, like me, is the university's second choice, so the uni probably gave all their fundings to the students who got admitted first). But if I can ask for some funding,  how much would the uni usually offer? 

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Just ask. Explain that you have another offer and that while Georgetown is your top choice, the cost is prohibitive. The worst they can say is no, and you'll be in the same position that you are now. P.S. "funding" is not plural.

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