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  1. Hi everyone, I am an international student who is pursing a mpp/mpa in the US this year. I handed in my application pretty early and got into most of the universities I applied for. However, I got waitlisted from Georgetown - one of my dream unis. I didnt have much hope at that time, so in April I accecpted the offer from Cornell CIPA. Just when I accepted the fact that I am going to Cornell, and starting to prepare to apply for a visa, I got an email yesterday from Georgetown saying that I got accepted. Of course this is a great news for me, but the acceptatnce letter did not come
  2. Hiii, congrats on the offers!! I just got waitlisted from Duke, if you decided not to attend Sanford, I am wondering if there is an chance to talk to you for a refer. Been really anxious for quite a while.
  3. I applied to Heinz's MSPPM and now kinda wanna switch to DA track too, do you know if you can transfer to a different track?
  4. When I was preparing for GRE I dreamt that I got 325 in the next week test, that was the least stressful moment in that whole month lol.
  5. I don't think I am the right person to perfectly answer your questions but I am applying for public policy master program this year so maybe I can share some of my thoughts : 1. When I was finding the right programs to apply to I briefly looked into the ones you mentioned ( I am a freelance interpreter and have a master in Translation and Interpreting, zero experiences closely related to policy, so these programs are obviously beyound my reach). Most of them are targeting at mid-career professionals, people who are at management level in international companies or governments, so I thin
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