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Jobs with Bachelor's Degree in Journalism


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Hey guys. I'm finishing my Bachelor's Degree in Journalism at Park University next year. I thought that journalism was my dream job when I applied, but after 3 years in college, I'm not so sure anymore. I did write some articles for our local newspaper but it wasn't as engaging as I expected. 

However, I really like writing and creating interesting stories for myself or my friends. It turns out I'm a good D&D DM and people really like the adventures I create for them. So, I wanted to get a piece of advice about my future career opportunities. What other jobs can I hope for with my degree, except for a proper journalist? And since I don't have much work experience except creating some blog posts for websites like Canada-Writers, FunnyorDie, and a few others, what are my best options? OF course, I'd like to get enough money to pay my bills at least (and a student loan).


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how about Content marketer for industries and corporations? it seems you enjoy writing, my advice is stick to what you love. or try Corporate communications specialist or Public relations specialist, you could end up at some huge firm/company and get paid well

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