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  1. 1) IT would be better to inform your potential references ahead. This way, you can be sure they won't just hang up when a person they don't know calls them with different questions. Additionally, they will be prepared to tell only the relevant information. This way, you have more chances that they won't forget anything important. 2) Reference letters can be pretty general, just explaining what kind of student you were, what were you doing during college and showing some academic achievements. These letters don't need to be tailored toward every job application you make.
  2. Hey guys. I'm finishing my Bachelor's Degree in Journalism at Park University next year. I thought that journalism was my dream job when I applied, but after 3 years in college, I'm not so sure anymore. I did write some articles for our local newspaper but it wasn't as engaging as I expected. However, I really like writing and creating interesting stories for myself or my friends. It turns out I'm a good D&D DM and people really like the adventures I create for them. So, I wanted to get a piece of advice about my future career opportunities. What other jobs can I hope for with my degree, except for a proper journalist? And since I don't have much work experience except creating some blog posts for websites like Canada-Writers, FunnyorDie, and a few others, what are my best options? OF course, I'd like to get enough money to pay my bills at least (and a student loan). Thanks
  3. I'd suggest you choose the one you're most appealed to. Consider classes and professors for both programs. If you're planning on making a career in this field, it's wise to take the more prestigious program. It's often worth leaving your comfort zone and it will pay off in the future
  4. My little sister got a rejection and it was a tragedy for her. We got no reply via the official channels regarding the reasons for this decision, but we managed to get some info during the personal conversation. So the informal channels work the best here.
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