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  1. Hello All, I would like to know the exact reason for rejections from the universities that I applied to. Does mailing to the graduate department be of any help in this matter?
  2. Hello all, I was skeptical of applying to Rutgers University-New Brunswick for a Ph.D. in Materials Science. How well is it known for materials science besides the ranking factor (in terms of research carried out and jobs after graduation)? Any leads would be much appreciated as the deadline is around the corner.
  3. Thank you for your opinion. It greatly helps to reduce the anxiety when you have some assurance from others. Good luck to you as well. Hope that we both get into the desired universities.
  4. I have two LORS from my university Professors and one LOR from my mentor at Unilever R&D centre.
  5. Hello All, Just need advice from you guys regarding my application. My profile is as follows - GRE - 312 (Q-162, V - 150, AWA - 3.5) TOEFL - 98( L-25, R-22, S-26, W-25) CGPA - 8.43/10 (undergrad from BITS Pilani Hyderabad) Majors in chemical, Minors in Materials Science. Two International publications First Generation student. Trying for Ph.D. in Materials Science and I have applied to the following Universities - 1. Rice University 2. University of Michigan Ann Arbor 3. Purdue University 4. University of Minnesota 5. Michigan State University 6. Texas A&M 7. North Carolina State University 8. Rennsalaer Polytechnic Institute 9. University of Delaware 10. UC Davis Does the list seem to be balanced (ambitious, moderate and safe)? Also what chance do I stand coming from a chemical engineering background? I know I am pretty late but anxious about the admit results.
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