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Hello! I just received my admission letter and will begin my master's program in the fall (2019). I am super excited but also neverous because I was an out-of-major applicant! Luckily the school I am going to allows you to take the "prerequisites" during the first year of school. 

Anyway, looking for any and all advice for grad school such as study tools, time management, did you work during school, etc. Anything people would love to share to a recently admitted student would be awesome!! 

Thanks ?

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Have you checked out the SLP forum on Grad Cafe? If not, go to the menu, then scroll down until you see Professional Programs. You'll find a very active forum with lots of field-specific advice.

As far as your specific questions, I do work a teeny bit, but it's all been work-study, first as a TA (just a grader, though, so minimal hours) then an RA. I think most people in my cohort have some sort of part-time work. Make sure that it's something flexible, since your school schedule will be pretty packed. 

I'm not the greatest at time management, but if you're good at it, it can be arranged so that you don't do schoolwork every day of the week. I recommend figuring out how you work best and pick a study space that complements that. I need quiet and as few distractions as possible, so I work best in a quiet study room on the top floor of our building, away from everyone. 

I'm not sure what to say as far as study tools. I take very thorough notes in class and on the readings, then I just reread my notes before tests. I hand-write my notes because research has found that people retain information better that way.

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