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Hunter Silberman vs. U Buffalo MSW


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Hi all,

I am deciding between Hunter and Buffalo and was wondering if anyone could weigh in? I'm leaning toward Hunter because I grew up in NYC and it has a great reputation here, but I find Buffalo's trauma informed perspective really appealing.  I know they are ranked the same by US News, but does anyone have a sense of which one is *better*?  What are some pros and cons of each (program-wise, NYC vs Buffalo as far as which city is better is not a factor).


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Hi! Congratulations on your acceptances!!

I also applied and was accepted to both Hunter and U. at Buffalo. I live in NYC and there was a lot to consider. I loved Buffalo's Trauma informed program but was dismayed by the cost; whereas Hunter's cost was reasonable but their program is a very basic one  and the bureaucracy is hell (I know I went to CUNY). Ulitimately, I choose Hunter because I realized UB would be about $30-40k per year considering housing and expenses and the total cost of Hunter would be only $35k since I live with my parents. I think it really depends on you:

1)Finance- Are you willing to take on the cost of the program? 

2) Program- If one of your priority is program, the UB might be a good school because it's smaller, and the program is more focused and with plenty of opportunity in research. While the student body at UB is not diverse (honestly, neither is Hunter), their faculty looks amazing. 

3) Long term outlook- Realistically, schools don't matter when it comes to MSW. You could get a MSW from some shoddy online school, and you'd still find a job. It only depends if you want to pursue academia. But you also have to consider that the pay is very little as a social worker so are you willing to go into extreme debt? 

All in all, think about what would make you happy. For me, all my friends went to Hunter, and I am starting Hunter with another friend of mine. It took a lot because I really loved UB's program and wanted to be away from home, but I realized long term, the finances doesn't work in my favor and decided on Hunter.

I wish you good luck 

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