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How does a school know if you leave the state? (Applying for residency)


I am moving to california and will be applying for residency for tuition purposes once I arrive. I was hoping to go back to my home state to visit my family for christmas, but I just saw that if I return to my home state on any of the breaks in the year before I am awarded residency I am considered as only being in california for school. How would the school even know if I went to visit my parents over break unless I told them? I don't really see how they could get access to the information...maybe they'll install trackers in our school IDs lol. Does anyone know how the school could find out if I went back to my home state? Are they able to look up plane tickets bought in my name or something? 

Thanks for the help everyone!

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When they mean leaving the state, they're referring more to not maintaining continuous residency i.e. not renting an apartment over the summer.  Vacationing/visiting family during breaks is fine, as long as it's not months at a time. You may not be going to a UC school, but this is a good read:


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