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Hi friends. I've enjoyed learning from you all about the application process. It is clear that there is far more preparation than I'd anticipated. Fortunately, I'm not in a hurry to apply to a PhD program. As I discern that possibility, however, I'd like to work on a few areas that will help me in the ministry work I'm currently doing as well as prepare me to flourish in a PhD setting. So, I'm exploring strategies for learning Hebrew on my own (or, potentially, with a study group). Due to scheduling conflicts, I am not able to do classes at a nearby university. I did one semester of Hebrew in undergraduate (using Pratico / Van Pelt) but that was some time ago. I am wondering if anyone here has learned Hebrew on their own? If so, what suggestions do you have? Is there a grammar you've found especially useful? Has anyone utilized Zondervan's video series created by Van Pelt and Pratico? (I am hesitant to spend money on it, since I feel like it'll wind up just be them reading the book to me.)

Every blessing!

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If you're wanting to keep PhD options open, you'll need to take courses from an accredited school. No matter what you'll be tested but at least you'll have a transcript to back it up. I think learning a foreign language online is the wrong way to do it because you need a strong base, esp. for doctoral studies.

That said, take a look at Israel Institute of Biblical Studies. I don't know what the cost is but it's apparently used by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and you'll get course credit from Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

They cover biblical Hebrew, some Greek, Aramaic, and modern Hebrew. Language courses are nine months long at three credits, with students expected to put in no more than two hours a week. So, it's not for someone looking to knock this out and move on. To prepare for PhD programs, you're likely looking at 4+ years if only using this method, realistically longer.

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