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What are the best Mental Health Counseling programs in the tri-state areas?




I am a rising senior and a psychology major at The College of New Jersey, and am looking to apply to graduate school in the Fall. Currently, I am looking for an degree (preferrably MS) that would lead me to be a CMHC or LPC. I am not interested in social work programs at this time. There are important factors I am considering like tuition cost and acceptance rate, but I am looking for schools in the NY/NJ area, or Philadelphia. Are there any good programs/schools that anyone has knowledge of that would be in these locations and offer these degrees? ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE HELPFUL! I am pretty lost and don't have as much guidance as I would like!

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William Paterson has a good program. They have small cohort sizes and meet the requirements for NJ licensure. Monmouth University has a good one, but I think it's pricey. You can also check out the CUNYs. I would probably stick with a state school vs a private school because the tuition costs are usually lower, even though the quality is comparable. 

Also, double check guidelines between the two states. I don't remember if they offer license reciprocity or if they have different educational requirements for licensure. If they do differ, pick a program in the state that has the more stringent requirements. 

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