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How to know when to send your score? [Clinical psyc]


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I would ideally like to send my GRE scores out to schools on test day, to save money. However, I don't know how to decide if a score is good enough, or if I should  retake the test.

I'm applying to clinical psychology master's programs in Canada. For the schools I've looked at, the only minimum cut off I've seen  is 50th percentile. Other schools state that average score typically range anywhere from 60th-80th percentile, depending on the school. Does a score need to be within the average range to be competitive? 

I anticipate a high (90th plus) verbal and 5+ writing. Quant will be weaker... my powerprep tests were 152 and 157, and Magoosh predicts 154-159. I am writing on Saturday, so 160+ is unlikely. If I score above 50th percentile on quant, is this good enough? 60th? how do I gauge this?




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