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Study abroad transcript required for application?


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Hi everyone, I’m currently a rising senior planning to apply to grad school in September, and I have a question regarding study abroad transcripts. My home school doesn’t count grades from study abroad into the overall gpa so I kinda winged it... the grades are not too bad (one B, two A-s, and one A) but it doesn’t look too good when compared with my home school transcript (basically all As with a few scattered A-s). Since the study abroad was in junior spring, would it hurt my chances of getting into a good school? My home school ranks top 15 in the US and the study abroad program also ranks top in that country. I plan to apply to Harvard, UChicago, Kansas, SOAS, and courtauld.

any advice/comments would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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I was in the same boat as you. I winged most of my classes abroad and my undergrad did not count it towards my overall GPA. I went to a small NESCAC school and and my study abroad was at a top UK university. I'm not sure how it would affect your application at the very top schools but I did fine considering the grades I got (just completed my MA and going to start my PhD in the fall). I think the abroad transcript is the least important part of your application as long as you took some interesting classes. Hope that helps! I wouldn't worry about it.



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Along this line, do you have any advice on translated transcripts? Some schools state that if you have transcripts from a foreign country that you need to have them translated, but does this apply even if your home institution was in the US and if your study abroad transcript came with a key? It's so unclear on admissions pages.

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