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Creative writing MA or programs for lyric writing?

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Hi guys,

My Story

I'm currently working full-time as an English teacher, I'm only work in the mornings. I have free times(spare money) in the afternoon and at night. 

My goal

My goal is to learn how to write 'literate lyrics' like someone like Ian Curtis, David Bowie or Tony Asher wrote. I have friends who are musicians and my ultimate goal is to release a 'concept album', a year from now.

Which course do you guys think I programs, courses or degrees should I aim at? I took a few creative writing classes in college but most of them were about writing prose or journals. Or even about  our teacher's newly released book.

I want a course specific to my goals and which can also give me that depth that I require for instance, I want to familiarize myself with authors such as J.G Ballard, T.S Elliot, Borges and Burroughs. I don't mind intensive courses which will help me. I rather not do anymore standardize testing since I would waste my time studying for that.

Any way,

Thanks a lot  


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