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Sorting, Filing, and Maintaining your "To be Read" pieces


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Hi all. I hope we all are enjoying the summer a bit before the new semester/year kicks off. I have a quick question about storing articles for future reading. I use Zotero, OneNote, Microsoft Word, Listary, and OneDrive to keep my digital library, notes, and papers in order. The issue I am coming across is my god awful "to be read" folder and document. If I find an article or book chapter that I want to read later, I download it, name it, and file it in my "to be read" folder. Then, I add it to an excel spreadsheet with all the other pieces I need to read. This system is not working for me because I tend to lose track of where I am in my "to be read" section and sometimes it does not correspond to my "to be read" folder. How do you sort, file, and maintain your "to be read" pieces?

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I'm still tweaking my system, but have a few different methods. 

1. If it's for my current research, I'll print the front page of the article at least and put it in an "active" folder that I check on a regular basis. If I don't print some marker of its existence, I'll forget about it. 

2. If it's for future research, I create a folder in Zotero and put in the information, noting if I've downloaded the article or where the book is located. For instance, I have two projects that may be future research and each one has sub-collection under "Future Projects" in Zotero.

3. Books that may be helpful but I'm not ready to ILL or buy, get put onto an Amazon wish list. 

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