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On the right track for UNC-CH Nutrition Ph.D. ?

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Hi everyone! I am planning on applying to UNC's Ph.D. in Nutrition for Fall 2021. I haven't been able to find a lot of information regarding admissions qualifications/competitiveness. I basically want to know if I am on the right track or if there's anything I can do to prepare for applying in the next year or so.

I have a BA in Exercise Science from UNC-CH - GPA 2.5 (extenuating circumstances, but may be harmful especially since the school was UNC & I want to go there again)
and a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics from a lower ranked state school - GPA 3.8
I am starting a MS Nutrition this Fall 2019 at the same school as my second bachelors - educated guess my GPA will be 3.8 or higher
When I plan to apply, I will be in the middle of my dietetic internship. After the internship, I'll be a registered dietitian.

Work/Research experience:
I have 1 year, 8 month undergraduate research | 1 school year as undergraduate teaching assistant | I'll have another ~2 years as a Graduate Research Assistant experience by the time of applying | Master's thesis experience
I don't imagine I'll have anything published by the time I apply, but I know that one project I'm working on will be finishing up by the time I apply.
By the time of application, I'll have 7 years as an intern for VA Health Care Center, I'll have 3.5 years working clinical as an infant nutrition tech

Not sure if this matters: president of undergraduate club, won a few scholarships, member of a few professional organizations
GRE: 50thish percentile in v/q and writing was a 4.0. I didn't study and just aimed for the minimum of my master's program. I plan to retake.

Please excuse the ranting/ bad formatting/bad grammar. I'll take any thoughts, suggestions, advice, etc that you guys can offer! I don't really know much about the process. Thank you!

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