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  1. Thank you, this information sheds some light on the process! I hope they are able to get funding worked out for you. I have had great discussion with my POI with (I can hope) the only thing left to determine is funding. When you said you reached out to the committee, do you mean one representative or multiple?
  2. Have you heard anything specific from UNC- Nutrition?
  3. Waiting is stressful (PhD in Nutrition hopeful here) ... today I got to the point of thinking about which day of the week would be the most ideal for sending out acceptances. I considered many factors lol. Good luck everyone!!
  4. Hopefully they determine funding quickly, I hate the waiting! If your comfortable, did you find a professor/research you felt drawn to (initials of professor)? It looks like there are a lot of active grants for research!
  5. Ahh I see, I’ve been in contact with potential PIs previously. I was nervous for not knowing about the virtual event, but hopefully that’s not bad news! Do you remember how many faculty members were present/ how many PIs had funding?
  6. Also follow-up question. Were you invited to the doctoral event by the program or was it a university wide event? I knew there was a virtual one in October. Also if it was the department- had you already been matched to a lab or was this to match you to a potential PI?
  7. Thank you for the update! I had a lot of continued contact with program and then heard a bunch of applications came in right around the due date. Did you apply to any other nutrition programs?
  8. What was your timeline for acceptance/ hearing back from UNC-Chapel hill for Nutrition? No one in the 2021 forum seems to be applying for Nutrition programs! TIA- anxiously waiting decisions!
  9. Hello! I know it’s a small field but is anyone here applying for a PhD in Nutrition, anywhere?
  10. Hello all! I haven’t really seen anything for a PhD in Nutrition. Wanted to start a topic for everyone to post comments/questions. Anyone heard anything from UNC- Chapel Hill or know when decisions/interviews are likely to go out?
  11. Hello all! I haven’t really seen anything for a PhD in Nutrition. Wanted to start a topic for everyone to post comments/questions. I know I’m waiting to hear from schools in Tennessee and North Carolina. Anyone heard anything yet?
  12. Hello all! Applying for PhD in Nutrition/ Nutritional Sciences. Applying in Tennessee and North Carolina. UNC is my top choice. Anyone heard anything from schools in these states?
  13. Hello! I know it’s been a while since you posted this, but I was wondering if you applied for the Fall 2021 UNC PhD in Nutrition. Look forward to hopefully hearing back from you!
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