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PhD in economics- profile evaluation


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Hey guys,

I want to do phd in economics 

my profile is :


Bachelor of technology, electronics and communication engineering: CGPA: 6.99/10

from NIT Warangal, India ( a premiere institute in India)

MBA from FMS, Delhi: 59.4% ( a top 5 b school in india)


no publications.. but overall work experience of around 5 years in finance, been an entrepreneur and also worked in software

yet to give gre.. currently practising it. scoring around 305 in practice tests, need to gain 20 marks more.


Can anyone guide me on details like after admission, how to get stipend details etc., and what bracket of universities should i target depending upon gre scores ranges(310,315,320+ etc.,)..


I am also looking for a study partner or a group to target the right schools

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What econ courses have you taken? What math courses have you taken? How does your GRE score break down into Verbal/Quant? What is your GPA on a four point scale? Who will write your letters of recommendation? What interests do you have in economics?

All of these questions will help us guide you.

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