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Recent and imperative writings on patrirachy or existentialism

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I've been out of academia for a decade, and am woefully ignorant of contemporary landmark criticisms on two topics: 

1. patriarchy, phallocentrism, heteronormativity, etc., especially in the context of Irigaray's watershed pieces

2. 20th-century existentialism and absurdism, flowing especially out of Camus' criticisms of Kierkegaard, Husserl, et al

I plan to explore connective tissue between the two, and hope to enrich my argument with 21st-century material if possible. Being completely outside academia and its resources, I have yet to turn up criticisms I can confirm as instrumental to my understanding.


Thanks so much for your time,


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I have done some work on absurdism and there wasn’t too much being done, at least not within anglophone lit/lit-crit. Off the top of my head there’s a volume on absurd theatre and ecology, one on absurd and linguistics and Michael Y. Bennett has published some monographs on the subject. I just moved and don’t have the titles or authors available right now, sorry.

If you’re applying now I should note that no one in any program that offers funding that I have encountered has anyone currently working on the absurd, though there are some graduate students here and there, mostly in comp lit.

That said your intended intersection sounds fascinating and would love to hear more about and would be glad to offer more specific help/bibliography of you’re interested. Feel free to PM.

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As for the first topic, I would recommend checking out the work of Silvia Federici. She's a contemporary scholar who focuses on certain blind spots in Marx's analysis of capitalism, in particular regarding the relation between patriarchy and (the rise of) capitalism. I'm not really sure if/how you could relate that to existentialism/absurdism, though.

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