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U of Utah Comm Department Warning

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Sorry, I'm using a sockpuppet account to avoid associating this with my previous posts. I've been involved in the University of Utah Communication grad program for some time now. I wanted to reach out now before people start applying.

In my experience at Utah, I've seen some problematic things that possible applicants should know about.

  1. There have been a significant number of queer students who have simply dropped out of the program. There was one in particular who I thought was going to be a rock star in the field. From what I have learned, there are faculty members who make queer students feel unwelcome, and when these students seek help, more obstacles are put in their way.
  2. Students of color are reporting difficulties, too. I have not seen any drop out, but I would not be surprised if one or more do. Utah has a rough enough reputation as it is when it comes to people of color. But the faculty don't seem to do much to address this.
  3. There is a lot of competition among students and faculty, so much so that things are getting unhealthy. It's not good competition, it's pretty cut-throat and it's making a lot of students anxious.
  4. I am also learning about the exploitation of grad students by faculty, including the use and publishing of grad work without credit. In one case I've heard of, a student who had a revise and resubmit had an advisor basically insist they be included as an author in the final version. This is particularly happening among the quantitative faculty.

There are great faculty here and I have friends here, but I want possible students to reconsider coming to Utah. I won't be here much longer. At least you ought to ask hard questions of the faculty at NCA or any grad recruiting events.

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