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Will working in industry help my chances of getting accepted to PhD programs?


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I’m currently a microbiologist (associate scientist level) at R&D of a large company. I have worked in this position since a month after I graduated (May 2018) until currently, so about 1.5 years. If I am applying to PhD programs for microbiology, will this position be advantageous for my applications?

Day to day - I am testing samples, general micro lab skills, writing SOP’s and developing protocols, running assays, working with formulations, research on preservative systems etc.

My application:

-general directed study my senior year of undergrad (animal behavior-not micro related)

-TA for general bio lab, TA intro to anthropology and other leadership roles 

-3.2 GPA (my gpa was terrible my first two years of college-due to medical reasons) and I brought it from a 2.75 to this) 

my letters of recommendation will also be strong 

personal statement will focus on my research in this position I have currently  and what I have learned etc. etc.

I am unsure of the strength of my application, it doesn’t seem strong compared to others.  I am not sure if I have a chance. I am very passionate about this field  


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