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Georgetown SCS Master's in Urban and Regional Planning

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Geography graduate here from California. Ended up in Washington DC. How I still don't know. Working full-time here at Georgetown University and I understand I get free tuition after a year. There are several great programs, some of  them affiliated with the main campus and others offered for full time workers in what's called the School of Continuing Studies. You also get a Master's degree from Georgetown but it designates that it's an SCS degree. 

I am a full time worker and I'd love to get a master's degree from the university proper, but evening and online options are better to me with my work schedule. SCS caters to working professionals. I shouldn't look at it as a phony degree since it's not a Capella degree or Phoenix but does anyone have experience with anyone being looked at differently with one of these night school programs through big name colleges? 

I remember wanting to go to Columbia University's School of General Studies when I was an undergrad transfer student and I remember there was a lot of snootiness about it not being a "real" Columbia degree. As an adult I really don't care. I just want to further my prospects in life and get a free degree from a fine school.

Thoughts? Different, less than, equal to the regular day program?

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