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SOP Review (or Swap?)

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Hey all,

I am applying to the PhD in Com-Lit as well as Eng-Lit for the 2020 cycle. I have been here a few months ago, asking about my GRE scores and the forum has been very helpful. I hope you are all doing well with your applications.

Now that I have went through a few drafts of my SOP, I would be really grateful to have someone who was successful in past application cycles look it over and give me some feedback, both in terms of content and grammar (since I am not a native speaker). I'd also appreciate it if anyone applying for this cycle would like to swap SOPs and give comments to each other. Please let me know if I can send my SOP via PM.

About me: I'm doing a MA in English (eighteenth-century) now and will graduate next summer.

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12 hours ago, kendalldinniene said:

Hey! I’m a current first year PhD student, feel free to DM me your sample for feedback.

Thank you so much for offering to help! I'll send via PM.

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