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  1. If the time you have remaining before the exam is such that the time you would spend studying for the quantitative section would hurt your preparations for the qualitative section or other parts of your applications, I would say forego studying for it. Like Warelin said, a low quant score may hurt your chances at some fellowships, but it seems that without some serious studying, you're unlikely to score within the parameters of these fellowships anyway--assuming the rest of your application is equal to other candidates. I guessed on most quant questions, scored 11th percentile. It didn't seem to matter overall.
  2. Congrats! You're way ahead of the game. How was the housing search in Chicago? With the commute times and parking, I can't see how anywhere but Hyde Park would make sense. I'm looking to start the search in mid-July.
  3. Congrats! Why Brown over UVA or Johns Hopkins? All great programs, of course.
  4. Congrats! Indiana seems like such a great program. It was really hard for me to turn it down. Jennifer Fleissner and Jonathan Elmer seem so great, and the campus is beautiful!
  5. It's difficult to live in the Bay without housemates for sure. You can find some decent spots in places just outside of Berkeley, like El Cerrito. I managed a bedroom in a private home for 600 a month on the north side of campus, but it was a rare situation and I didn't have kitchen or laundry access. I'd expect to pay northwards of 1k for a room to yourself or 1700+ for a studio. Depending on your standards of living (and your offer), it might be worth trying to make it work. After my weekend trip to Chicago last week, I can say that I am not at all stoked on the area surrounding campus or the city itself (too big for me). The Berkeley campus feels much more alive, as well. I suppose that may be due to the fact that I toured Chicago during Spring break. And my contribution to the thread: I committed to Chicago some weeks ago. I couldn't pass on the program itself.
  6. I declined Brown. I committed to Chicago. I hope that gives someone on the waitlist good news!
  7. I love that this was brought up. My trajectory to graduate studies has been relatively odd (first generation, returning student, etc). I made it a point in my WS, SOP, and interview to be as genuine as possible. Being accepted on those terms has eased some of my anxiety about the whole thing.
  8. I have turned down Indiana, Ohio State, and Chapel Hill. I hope that moves the waitlist (assuming one exists) for someone!
  9. My Chicago acceptance was with a V score of 96th percentile, 11th percentile Q, and something like 82 percentile in W. Hope that gives some context.
  10. Huh, I suspected that V might determine a baseline cutoff for some places, but I didn't expect the Q to be such a factor!
  11. To add my tidbit, I didn't hear back from Davis until late July or August last year. I'm assuming my application got lost or something of the sort. Hope that makes ya'll feel better! 😖
  12. I scored 11th percentile on quant. I'm sure it might matter to some programs, but I don't know that it would be advisable to spend time studying for a better quant score when more important elements of the application could be improved. Of course, an amazing overall score can't hurt. For me, though, it would have been a waste of time. Also, my writing score was only middling. That's interesting about the reused sample. I was only accepted to programs I didn't apply to last year, and I was rejected by all of my resubmits (with one waitlist). I did tighten my sample up quite a lot, but now I'm wondering if reusing my updated sample played a role. Great advice overall, especially about developing a research interest for the current state of scholarship.
  13. In at UNC as well. I guess they're rolling out acceptances slowly.
  14. Does anyone have a sense of what the etiquette is for declining offers? Email to DGS and POI? Do I explain my reasoning?
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