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Length of the writing sample's bibliography?


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The writing sample that I am submitting is an abridged version of my MA thesis. Because there were no restrictions to the quantity of footnotes and images, my original bibliography is 10 pages long and I have nearly 40 pages with illustrations. The programmes I am applying for all require a maximum of 20-25 pages, and whilst I have (nearly) cut the text to 20 pages, and plan to cut my images to 3-4 pages, I am not so sure what to do about bibliography. Unlike the rest of my sample, which is double spaced, I'm single-spacing the bibliography, but it still takes up 5 pages. Is it OK if I submit it as an extra to the 20 pages of text? Has anyone ever had a problem with doing this? 

I've read elsewhere in this forum that some people just don't include a bibliography. However, Columbia does mention that applicants should reserve 5 pages for bibl.+images, and I personally feel that including a bibliography lets the admissions team know what you have been reading and how updated your readings are (in a neater way than scattered footnotes).

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