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I transferred twice in undergrad, and I'm in my MA now, so I'm used to just filling out apps with (all 3 of) my undergraduate schools. So. I'm dumb, and on several of my PhD apps, I left off my current M.A. institution by mistake. I submitted the apps before realizing and now can't change it.

The start and end dates (and the name) of the M.A. program are on my CV, and I emailed the requisite department people at each institution where this happened, apologized profusely, and sent my current transcript. My question is, is this such a dumb oversight that I'm totally screwed at these schools right out of the gate? Or have you seen/done something similar and still been admitted? Any insight would be helpful here–I'm panicking a little bit.

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You can email the admissions department and possibly even the program director with the changes. That would be my best guess. Additionally, you could start a new application but that might be costly and confusing to the department.

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