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Profile evaluation for Phd Statistics and some questions.


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Hi am an international student and I will be finishing my MS in Math by May 2020. I would like to apply for Phd Statistics programs for the fall 2020. I'm probably a little bit optimistic with my profile but I just want to test it out to see how far my application can go.


Undergrad Institution: Private school, in top 100 based on usnews
Major:  Math (with Actuarial Concentrated) & Economics
GPA: 4.0
Type of Student: International

GRE General Test
 169 (96%)
V: 152 (54%)
W: 4.0  (60%)
GRE Subject Test in Mathematics
M: 760 (71%)
Grad Institution: Same as undergrad
Major:  Math 
GPA: 4.0
Research Experience: I did research during my junior year and senior year at my school, got the departmental award (for best presentation) in both year. Also presented at the National conference for undergrad research in my senior year, my paper was also published on that site.
Awards/Honors/Recognitions: #1 calculus bee, rank 1 throughout the school, Phi beta Kappa and some other honors organization
Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Graded for two years (Calculus III and Statistics) also tutored for a year in the Math clinic at my school. Currently teaching elementary Stats for undergrad (this is a requirement for graduate student). Also one summer internship with an Actuarial company.
Letters of Recommendation: One from my research advisor, one from my teaching advisor, and the last one from a professor that I had multivariate analysis with (he is a distinct professor in the department so I think his recommendation should have some weights to it, considering I got the highest grade in the class). All these professors know me well since I had their classes at least twice.
Math/Statistics Grades:  A in all of them (this is pretty obvious). I already took Real analysis, abstract algebra I, multivariate analysis, number theory, complex analysis, numerical analysis, applied linear algebra (or the advanced linear algebra however you call it), Graph theory, Topology, an algebraic topology mixed course,  Interest theory, Probability, Econometric, Dynamical Systems, Computation for Deep Learning, Actuarial Math(This is basically probability on steroid to prepare for the Exam P, which I also passed) 
Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: The reason why I did 2 years master because at the time I'm not sure where I'm going, I just started taking an interest in Statistics a year ago (mainly the machine learning, neural network fields). I did not have much time to prepare for the Math GRE so the score is not good. But I saw some other posts mention ~70% won't hurt, so I'm still skeptical about whether I should send it or not (The one that recommended it is Upenn, Uchicago, UWashington, Harvard). To me the exam seems much more about theory memorization and fast calculation rather than testing your ability to prove something, or maybe I just suck at it :( 
Schools I'm applying to (some of these seem pretty far out of reach but I just want to test it ?)
Carnegie Mellon
University of Michigan
Johns Hopkins University
Ohio State University
Texas A&M
North Carolina State University
SMU (I got admitted to this school before so I'm pretty sure I will get in again)
UT Austin (my advisor was pretty sure about this one too so I just apply here to see)
So i have two questions regarding about my application:
1/ Will the Verbal GRE hurt my application much? (like I will have no chance at some of these schools?)
2/ Should I send the mGRE to those schools that recommended them ( I think I will send it to UChicago since they strongly emphasize the importance of the exam)
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