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OMG kind of freaking out ?


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     One of the app due dates for a Master’s Program I’m applying to is December 2nd (Monday). I tried earlier this week to add this school as an additional recipient for my GRE score report, but didn’t get any confirmation, so today I started to worry that order never went through. I’m going to call ETS and the school tomorrow, but, if it didn’t, it won’t get there by the due date from ordering it today (which I went ahead and did, just in case).

     I’m worried because my application will be incomplete and so not accepted if the test score doesn’t get there. Luckily, this is not one of my top choice schools, but I’d still like to apply! If the school doesn’t have it yet, I will plead with ETS tomorrow to send it that day. And maybe I can somehow get a pass because it was a technical issue, not me forgetting to fill out the form to send scores? But I should have confirmed earlier, so not sure that plea would work....

Is there anything else I can do???



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Update: It worked out! I spoke to the Admissions Department today, and they said that the unofficial score report I attached to my online application is fine for today's deadline; they understand that things like recs and official scores, from outside sources, aren't always on time so they give a few days after the deadline before truly closing admissions. Whew. Now if only I can make it through my senior undergrad exams...?

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