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SOPHAS admission status

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Hi! I apologize if this question is out of place or has an obvious answer that I'm some how missing. 

I'm wondering, for applications submitted through SOPHAS, how do you monitor your admission status (accepted, rejected)? 

I can see that the application is verified, but you know, I need to know what page I can obsessively refresh :)

Thank you!

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Hi! Usually, once you apply on SOPHAS, the university with email you confirming they received the application, here is your student ID#, and there is usually some blurb about making an account with their student portal and that's how you view your application status. Hope that makes sense!

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On 12/4/2019 at 7:55 PM, EliCash said:

Thank you! I appreciate the info. If my app has been verified, but I have yet to receive one of those e-mails, should I be concerned? 

No I wouldn't be too worried because I'm sure the university has to go through each app and assign an ID, etc. I would wait and if it has been 7 business days since you submitted SOPHAS applications, you can email the department at the university directly and ask. Make sure to check your spam folder too because for some reason some of my emails from universities went there!

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