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PhD Program Statement of Purpose / Personal Statement

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Hello, all! I am prepping for my PhD applications and I want to get started on my statement of purposes/interest/personal statements early since I'll be applying to about 5-6 schools and want to have everything ready for them, so I thought I would focus on these first. Would anyone be willing to share theirs with me so I can get an idea of what you said (either here or message me, if you want to not have it out publicly). I have quite a few years of museum work under my belt, one season of dig experience, and I have an MA in Museum Studies & I'll be getting my MA in Classical Studies in May. The programs I'm applying to are the following: IPCAA at the University of Michigan, Archaeology and the Ancient World at Brown, Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology at Bryn Mawr College, ISAW at NYU, and PAMW at the University of Chicago. If anyone has any general advice about writing these as well that's not mentioned in previous forum posts, I'm all ears!  

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