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Michigan Ford School Spring Preview

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The second day was only comprised of two main sessions: Career Services and Student Activities.

The Student Activities presentation isn't really worth talking about. Fairly standard and not too exciting. I am interested in a lot of the associations and groups but the presentation wasn't too helpful one way or another.

The Career Services presentation was great. They had a student panel who answered questions and expanded upon the information provided by the staff. The students seemed to genuinely appreciate all of the hard work that Career Services does for them. The staff were candid and sincerely interested in helping the students pursue opportunities. They seem to provide a considerable amount of services aimed at helping students become more complete and competitive candidates. They even started talking to my wife and I about possible internships already. They showed a real interest in helping us succeed once we got there. They are certainly a big plus for Ford.

Michigan/Ford would be a wonderful place to study for the following reasons:

  • Ann Arbor - love the city!
  • The big campus community and the even bigger alumni network.
  • The ability to take almost any other course on campus as an elective or to pursue a dual degree in a number of other highly regarded programs (Public Health, Business, etc).
  • Weill Hall is outstanding. One of the better campus facilities that I've ever been in. I could really enjoy taking classes there for two years.
  • The other students - I feel that the other students share a lot of my interests and our my intellectual peers.
  • The faculty, staff and the dean were all welcoming and invested in student success. They already were willing to provide us with a lot of individualized attention. I really appreciated their willingness to answer our questions.
  • Internship opportunities, whether it be a Ford School partnership or otherwise, seemed outstanding.
  • Career prospects seem strong and the students I spoke with all feel like they were in a great position graduating from Ford. I couldn't get a single major negative out of any of the current students. I kept trying and no one gave anything particularly grievous.

I think we are very likely to choose to attend Ford. Still tying up loose ends, so I hesitate to say 100% but it's looking like a near perfect match.

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How did you think Ford's admitted student day compared with Evans (if you attended)? I was only able to attend part of the second day of the admitted student open house at Evans and left undecided. Thanks!

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@mppnw - I was unable to attend the Open House at Evans. Truth be told, we were really put off by the lack of attention from Evans admissions staff when it came to answering our questions. When it came to deciding on which admit days to attend, we decided to attend Ford's with the idea that we were their students to lose.

Even now we find it hard to speak with Evans staff via email or phone. It's disheartening because we went into this process with Evans as our absolute number 1 choice. We started the process almost two years ago and since that time Evans has really been the school we were aiming for. No longer.

Grammar fail - In my first post above I used "our" incorrectly when referring to those that are my intellectual equals. Fail. At least I admit my really stupid looking mistakes...Too bad I can't edit it anymore.

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