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Funding for 1 year => F1 Visa? (question for international students)


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I was wondering whether anyone can answer the following query: if you're admitted to some grad school as a Research Assistant with an assured stipend of 1 year, followed by the option to either switch groups and finalize funding yourself, or continue to work in the same group with an assured funding, does it make things difficult at the US Embassy to get an F1 visa? I'm concerned that assured funding for only 1 year will affect my visa application.

I'd appreciate hearing especially from international students who have faced similar issues.


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There shouldn't be any problem due to funding. The only requirement for an F1 visa is proving funding (your own or scholarships or financial support from the univ) for the 1st academic year. The details, such as an option to switch groups, are not mentioned on the I20.

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