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  1. http://ramblingsfromafrica.wordpress.com/2010/02/03/15-web-applications-for-university-and-college-students/
  2. 2bphd

    Coming Out Gay

    I am sorry. But this queer thing is difficult to digest for me. I dont really get the concept. I might understand the idea with time.
  3. Las Vegaaas baby! and also.. stuff is legal there... You are so money and you dont even know it!
  4. Lets get real here! 1. When you say you are too-good to admit for a particular program, it actually means that you deserve a better program and you can get that. When Adcoms look at your profile, they can also figure that out, so you might get rejected. 2. You are too-good to admit in a particular program, but you still apply there for a backup. You should understand that there are other too-good to admit students who will think the same way and apply there for a backup. When Adcom reviews the application of these too-good applicants, its possible that there were some too-too-good applicants who had better profile/LOR/SOP fit than you, and they were accepted and you got a reject. When I say lets get real, I want to stress on the 2nd point. I personally dont think adcoms will reject a candidate who is too-good because thats what adcoms are for - to select the best of the applicants. Also, a very honest advice, nobody is too-good, the world is full of smart , harworking people. You show me a too-smart guy.. in a moment I can bring someone who will make him look dumb as a rock. Good Luck
  5. NO problems at all! They just want you to show funds for first year. Most of the students get TAs for one year when they come here and switch to RA after a year.
  6. Yes you are too gud to admit .. in any university. now, happy?
  7. same here.. I am starting early in May, so that I can get in the groove and a feel of everything before the busy schedule of classes starts. Also they are paying for summer, so that helps. Also, earlier you start, the earlier you finish.
  8. Is going to Harvard a Stupid Idea? Daaaaaaah!! of course it is.. and you dont need to go to Harvard to know that
  9. Threre is no such thing as blacklisting in grad applications. This if perfectly OK to not go after accepting. There is no financial offer, so you can leave anytime. You are paying and you will decide what you want. Students do that all the time. Also, Once you accept the offer there is a very rare chance that they will offer you financial aid, because you already accepted and they dont need to attract you with money. So, decide what is good for YOU. These are tough times and one will have to be a little selfish. good luck!
  10. Exactly, that is how I feel. The department is one of the top 5 programs in the country and I was accepted by a professor for this project. I am already doing some literature study on the project and we are sharing emails all the time. He has stopped looking for any other student. But the job offer will be a very difficult one to say no. I believe I will have to be a little selfish and decide what is good for me. I think I can talk to grad school for some more time to decide, but that will definately affect my relationship with my prof. I can ask the company to decide early, but that might make me look desperate which I am not. If I tell them I have to accept phd offer by 15 april, they will think I am not sure of what I want to do. Even if I get a phd, I will love to work for this company. I might get a better profile, but at the same time if I start now I might even grow to a better job profile. tough decision.
  11. Dear friends, I have a very good phd offer from a university with an awesome funding package. But I just interviewed with my dream company for a job that I would love to do. But the problem is that they are going to give a decision in May. My situation is: 1) If I get a job offer (I m almost sure I will) from this company, I have no doubt that I will accept it. 2)But I will have to accept the offer for phd by april 15th. So, My plan is to accept the phd offer and if i get the job , just reject the offer. That is I want to keep it as a backup if I dont get the job. Are you legally bound if you accept the offer from a univ?? what complications are expected? I think there can be a problem if I accept an offer from one univ and then want to go to another univ. Then I have to get the release form and everything. But this is a different story. What do u guys think??
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