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Cornell University 2008


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I am new to this forum. It is good to know that others have been going through the same process as me. It has been nerve-wrecking, and I am glad it is almost over.

As for the subject of this thread:

I am wondering if any of you are or were students at Cornell, and what you think of the university. Also, what do other members of the forum know about its history department?

Thank you.

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Well, I loved my alma mater :)

Cornell's History Dept is definitely a department in transition with a number of exciting young faculty. Lots of our really big names have either just retired like Walter LaFeber or are getting on in years like Michael Kammen, Richard Polenberg, and Steven Kaplan.

A number of my profs have either retired, transfered, or were simply guest professors. Out of the professors that are still involved with the dept, I can tell you about Hull (Germany), Hyams (Old England), Kaplan (France, Food), Koschmann (Japan), Polenberg (US Legal), and Weiss (WWII, Humanitarianism). PM for details.

I was very impressed with every professor with whom I took a course, except for two whose courses I promptly dropped after a couple lectures (one whose class I dropped after a couple weeks out of boredom and another with a reasonably famous historian with a huge ego).

What area of history will you be studying?

Check out this article on Wikipedia for a little more background on our dept...


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