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Need Major Advice!


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I called XYZ Uni. They still have not made decisions about funding and cannot guarantee anything at this point in time. "Something might come available" but maybe not. I was told I cannot have an extension and that I must let them know by Thursday as to whether or not I will attend or they will give my spot to someone else.

My father thinks I should accept and if I do not get funding, then tell them no, I am not coming. He feels the way they have treated me ...this is justified. I worry about being blacklisted...If I don't get the funding and I then tell them no I am not coming, will every school in the US hear about it?

What to do?

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Don't do that its a bad situation dont make it horrible. By doing that your reputation is forever tarnished. Those professors know others in your field and your field has conferences. If you end on bad terms it could haunt you your whole life.

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Threre is no such thing as blacklisting in grad applications.

This if perfectly OK to not go after accepting. There is no financial offer, so you can leave anytime. You are paying and you will decide what you want.

Students do that all the time.

Also, Once you accept the offer there is a very rare chance that they will offer you financial aid, because you already accepted and they dont need to attract you with money.

So, decide what is good for YOU. These are tough times and one will have to be a little selfish.

good luck!

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they've really put you in kind of an impossible situation. therefore, i think it's ok if you accept and then later pull out based on lack of funding. i don't know much about etiquette for this whole process... but jeez, come on, the idea that you could be "blacklisted" and that this could "haunt you your entire life" seems ridiculous to me. i agree with pops.

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