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Digital Interview - Columbia (Fu Foundation) MS


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For the digital one sided interview for Fu Foundation MS has questions related to your competencies and your responses in situations. Here are a few sample questions that can be asked.

1. Coding is a must know skill for MS XYZ. What has your coding experience been like?

2. Why did you choose Columbia for this course?

3. Tell us an example of a time when you were creative while solving a complex problem.

4. Tell us an instance where you explained a complex set of information to someone else.

5. What do you do when you are can't find a solution to a problem?

6. What do you think of NYC? 

7. What was the best piece of feedback that you received and why?

8. Tell us a difficult situation and how you managed it?

9. Why have you chose this course?

10. Tell us more about your research interests.

11. What are your short term and long term goals?

12. Why this course and why now?

Something along these lines.

Also, practice A LOT. Look at the webcam and speak. Dress well, keep the background professional, use a browser, clean the webcam - Show them that you put in the effort, and actually put in the effort. 

Best of luck, nail it!

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