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This forum is great and all, but sometimes I’m bored during a break at clinic and just want to chat 😂

anyone interested in a group chat? I made one in case people actually are!

I envision it as a place to ask questions (school related, etc), get opinions or advice, laugh, vent, cry!

1. somewhat immediate responses from people who are going through it like you!

2. you can still reserve some anonymity if that’s your thing!

3. Safe space to vent

4. advice/opinions from higher years from possibly different programs 

5. broader view of the field from students of different backgrounds

6. potential starting source of data collection (haha!) for any research!

7. Sharing of information for some of those sticky topics/classes 


1. Immediate responses (lol turn your notifications off if you have to in case this thing blows up!)

2. A little less anonymity 

3. possible differences of opinion...which is fine, just deal with it like an intelligent adult!

I just ask for common decency (no racism, sexism, classism, showboating, arrogance, general stupidity), respect, and a desire to be social! 

You're invited to my new group 'AuDs to Be!' on GroupMe. Click here to join: https://groupme.com/join_group/58538532/ZvlHIyRy

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