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  1. This forum is great and all, but sometimes I’m bored during a break at clinic and just want to chat 😂 anyone interested in a group chat? I made one in case people actually are! I envision it as a place to ask questions (school related, etc), get opinions or advice, laugh, vent, cry! Pros: 1. somewhat immediate responses from people who are going through it like you! 2. you can still reserve some anonymity if that’s your thing! 3. Safe space to vent 4. advice/opinions from higher years from possibly different programs 5. broader view of the field from stude
  2. Haha my current preceptor is an alumnus of OH! You sure are lucky! That’s amazing
  3. We just got back from spring break and had to get clearance regarding our travel. They’ve cancelled all professional trips (Coch and AAA) and all professional staff meetings, but classes are still going on here. If you don’t mind, could you tell me which university you’re attending?
  4. Woah! You actually got cancelled? Even though we’ve admitted a confirmed case, my university is still like “hm, yes. Carry on.” We’re not NY or WA or CA, but many of the students are kinda concerned about it. Faculty meetings have been cancelled because groupings of 10 or more are forbidden, but apparently this doesn’t mean anything for our classes. 🧐
  5. FYI, keep your eyes peeled for potential cancellations with Open Houses. One of my professors mentioned that it's a possibility at my school due to COVID-19. Just something to keep in mind! Nothing set in stone! Just musings at this point apparently.
  6. Hi! I think I have you beat on different backgrounds. 10 years out of grad school. MA in different field (Applied Linguistics: TESOL), undergrad in Linguistics and Pre-Med. 10 years of college level teaching, about 4 courses of CSD under my belt. Perfect GPA in Grad school, top 94% percentile in verbal and writing on GRE--admittedly sucky math. I just walked in and took the test with no prep and was like "Well, let's see if anyone accepts me, lol." I was accepted to all schools save 1. If the application committee is any good, they're looking for a truly diverse group of people. The
  7. I did receive some funding, and it was before I accepted my offer. I currently live in Chicago. My situation's a bit different, as I am nontraditional student (this is my second career), so I still have bills and responsibilities I have to pay even while in school. Luckily my super successful partner is making the big bucks and that's how I am living right now, haha. If you are fresh out of undergrad with no car, insurance, or other debt, I think it will be super doable. Not sure how social you are, but finding a roommate situation isn't that hard at all. If you'd prefer to live solo, th
  8. @Emma98 I ended up going with Rush due to cost. I was also won over by the then Director of the program as well as the Chairwoman. They literally stalked me to the bathroom to ask me who I was choosing between! lol, they remembered my name, my personal statement, and my story, and that really stuck out to me. I wanted to feel like I belonged and people wanted me there for who I was and not because of numbers and specs on a sheet. Any other questions, feel free to message me directly and I can give you other contact info(FB, Insta, etc.) so you can get faster responses!
  9. I was in your position in 2018! Congrats on your acceptances so far! I currently attend Rush. If anyone has questions about their program, hit me up!
  10. Taritai

    Rush U '22

    Hey! Anyone attending Rush? I confirmed my spot on Friday. Anyone know if there's a Facebook group yet?
  11. Actually spoke to the Office of Financial Aid today. So apparently your financial aid isn't sent out till May, but the officer (CD are her initials) stated that everyone will be offered the same package essentially--no more, no less. Not including any departmental aid (scholarships, GA, etc.), you will be given a package that covers the cost of tuition AND a living stipend which is about $7,500 per QUARTER. She sent me the PDF that outlines this. Once you've been given your award, you of course have the right to accept/reject/modify, but that's the gist of it. tl;dr - Lookin
  12. Grats on taking the plunge and accepting! I'm still waiting to hear about financial aid. They said we should hear about "scholarships" by tomorrow, but does that include other forms of financial aid (loans, etc)? I'm assuming if you haven't heard by now, they're not giving you any money, but who knows anymore! There is a Facebook group. I just joined a couple of days ago (if you haven't joined by now). Search for Northwestern Au.D. Class of 2021
  13. Sorry! Just saw this! No, I'm not from Chicago...just chose a lot of Illinois schools for program caliber and to be close to family! Hope you had a good visit! We probably were next to each other at some point and didn't even realize it!
  14. I feel I was the most overdressed . I wore a blazer, black slacks, heels...haha. Most people I saw wore business casual, and everyone looked well put together and awesome! I don't recall seeing anyone in jeans...could be wrong! I will say that at least two faculty I met with personally actually mentioned that my appearance "showed I was ready" for the professionalism and maturity that the profession called for...but I'm a nontrad student (university lecturer) who's doing a career change, so it's pretty standard for me at this point!
  15. I'll be heading to the University of Illinois's Open House as well as Northwestern's Open House this weekend! (Friday and Monday, respectively). I'll also be going to Rush's on the 30th! Hope to see some friendly faces!
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