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No $$ from top schools - should I reapply next year

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Hi everyone,

I applied directly out of a (3-year) undergrad with myriad work experience and some publications to top programs in a field in polisci that interests me.

However, I got low scholarships or none at the schools that admitted me, and am now overthinking "if they really want me". Most of these programs only accept a cohort of less than 10 students and have limited funding availability. Still, not getting any funding has made me quite self-conscious...

Do you think that I should reapply next year after having secured additional scholarships and gained more work experience? Would that make me more "wanted" by the university?


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I would consider whether you think you will be better prepared for graduate study after gaining more work and life experience post-undergrad and/or whether you need more funding to be able to attend graduate school.

However, I would NOT think of the funding offers as an indication of how "wanted" you are by the university.  I am generally unfamiliar with your area of study, but I do not think the institutions to which you applied are in the practice of admitting students who they are not impressed by. Sounds like imposter syndrome talking.

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