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Hi everyone,

My application cycle isn't until Fall of 2021, but I've always been a planner, and with more time on my hands I've been looking a bit deeper into potential programs. As my title stated, I would ultimately like to go into the field of political communications, and I have a few programs I'm planning on applying to. I definitely want a program that is more applied, and where there are good professor-student relationship opportunities (i.e. just not a 'number'), and like the distance from FL to the programs I have listed.

A bit about me: I am currently a Junior studying Political Science and minoring in Writing and Rhetoric at the University of Central Florida. My GPA is 3.78 and my GRE is a 3.5 analytical writing, 163 verbal and a 147 Quan. I have political internship experience and recommenders set up.

Would love any suggestions, feedback, and/or personal experiences anyone has had with these programs, or other recommendations! I want to find a balance with a degree that will help me obtain my goals but also be flexible for future use. I have starred my current top choices, mind you this is of course dependant on financial aid and visiting the schools I get accepted to.

Thank you so much!


American University M.A. in Political Communication* (GRE optional)

George Washington University M.A. in Media and Strategic Communication* (GRE optional)

James Madison University M.A. in Communication and Advocacy* (GRE not used)

Louisiana State University M.A in Mass Communication (Political Comms track)

Wake Forest University M.A. in Communications (Political Comms Electives)

University of Florida M.A. in Political Campaigning 

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