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Funding on PhD Stopped, what to do?



I am an international student pursuing PhD (2nd Year) in Political Science at Texas. My major is International Relations and Comparative Politics. Today, my advisor informed that my funding will not be continued? 

I am good in qualitative research, but I also know STATA.

Do I have time to apply for another Political Science program at any US varsity for Fall 2020. 

Can I credit transfer to any US varsity? 

Can anyone give me suggestion about it? 

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I'm sorry, that really sucks!

I can't imagine that there's any chance of getting into a new program for Fall 2020. Most applications were due months ago, most decisions were finalized weeks ago, and a lot of schools suddenly have way more funding problems than they did 2 months ago.

It's also generally really difficult to transfer credits in Ph.D. programs. Occasionally a program will let you count a course you took somewhere else for their requirement, but in general Ph.D.'s are much less about the number of credits and much more about fulfilling the specific classes that program thinks you should have.

I do not have any great suggestions, but maybe:
Check your admission offer? (If you got promised more funding when you accepted there may be some recourse in this situation.*)
Ask around if there are any other funding opportunities at the school, like maybe another professor with a research assistant position?
Ask if there's any way to get a masters degree on your way out?
Do some hard thinking about whether you're willing to take out loans to self-fund until you can secure funding again? (This is probably a bad idea!)
Think about what you might want to with a year out of school while you re-apply to start somewhere else?

[*Just want to note somewhere here for anyone reading this who hasn't started a Ph.D. program yet that you should really think hard about how you are going to fund your Ph.D. all the way to the end of getting the Ph.D. before you decide to start a program. It's usually a bad idea to go to a school if they aren't promising at least 5 years of funding.]

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As was mentioned, virtually all deadlines for PhD programs have passed; in fact, the decision deadline for most PhD programs has passed. Most programs will have their incoming cohorts set right now. The pandemic will only exacerbate things; even the few programs that have rolling admissions may be tightening their belts.

Talk to the Director of Graduate Studies at your department first. There may be other professors in the department who have funding - either you could work as an RA in their labs, or the department may be able to cobble together some support for you. Also chat with your advisor; he may not have any additional funding for you but it's also partially his responsibility to help you find new funding so you can continue.

You should also get comfortable with the idea of taking an official leave of absence from the program and trying to find employment, even if temporarily, in the interim.

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