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California Prepatory Online Colleges SLP 2020

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Hi All,

 I had a question that I was hoping I could get some insight on. I am in a current speech pathology program at CSUSM. I am not very happy with the program as I feel it is extremely impacted and I don't feel any of the professors really seem interested in guiding any of there future SLP's. I was wondering if anyone knew of some great prepatory SLP online program here in California? I am open to any and all or in Arizona. I have only taken 2 courses and I am already feeling I may have chosen the wrong school. I did some research and my college didn't even pop-up for possible prepatory programs. I am very grateful for being given the opportunity to attend but I am feeling very frustrated. I would greatly appreciate any and all insight and recommendations to help me through this difficult time. 


 Thank You,


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