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Got a verbal promise to have my rejection reversed—can I relax and celebrate?



After applying for a master's degree at the college where I work, I received a standard rejection notice. Since I thought I would apply again next year if I could improve my chances of admission, I emailed the department asking if I could get feedback on my application. The program chair agreed to talk with me and told me I was rejected for fit reasons, but after we talked, he said he would reverse his decision.

I'm waiting on a status update in the applicant portal and still just feeling anxious, like this can't be real. (When does this kind of thing ever happen?!) Is there a possibility that the acceptance won't actually come through, or do I need to chill out?

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It ain't over til the...

Don't count your chickens before...

It's probably fine (I have no basis for saying that except for wanting to assuage your fears), but tbh if I were you I wouldn't celebrate until I got something in writing. I've been burned before on verbals. 

After a week or two, it might be reasonable to reach back out and ask when you can expect a formal offer or reversal of the decision. 

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22 hours ago, croquemme said:

Just for future reference, in case anyone is curious: In this instance, an official offer did materialize. I'm in!

So happy for you!

Cheers and celebrations are in order!

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