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Preparing Quals reading list


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While my Qualifying Exams are still a good chunk of time away, I am facing a very long, mostly stay-at-home summer. I would ideally start reading some books that might ultimately be on the Quals reading list for modern European Art (1850s-1950s) and was wondering how you started your reading lists, or are there any standards or recommendations? I'd also be grateful for book recommendations (even if I already read them) :) I ultimately plan to consult with the faculty on all this, but that would be a bit later.

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I too am hoping to get a refresher for Euro art history this summer. I. started by reading over an old AH1/11 textbook to refamiliarize myself with the canon and am planning on reading Edward Said's Orientalism and maybe flipping through some old articles from my undergrad AH classes. Let me know if you have any recs! I am also hoping to work on my foreign language skills again. Often prof profiles on school websites list their recent or most notable works, may not hurt to also check those out too.

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