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Psych Blog Hopeful - Feedback and Ideas?


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Hi everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying a bit of a break before we jump back into the application process again. 

I've been contemplating starting a blog or podcast for quite a while now to discuss grad school admissions, various topics in psychology, and just generally start to refine my communication of ideas and information to a wide range of audiences. I always enjoy the discussions that take place on grad cafe and wish I could provide help and support on a wider scale while also having a platform to discuss issues that are important to me. I think I'm ready to take the plunge with a blog and was hoping to get some feedback from the community here. 

What sorts of topics or information would you like to see in a psychology blog? Do you feel like there is already a saturation in this area? I'm really doing it for mostly my personal benefit and experience, but would love to know what would be useful for folks. 

Thanks! ?

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