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Covid-19 school policies: Online, In-person, or Hybrid?

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June 3: HKS confirmed this afternoon that

  • they are 100% online for Fall 2020
  • Spring 2021 decisions will be made later in the year
  • No tuition reduction (fml)
  • CPT is optional for MPP and MPA students, so international students are not eligible for internship in Summer 2021 (as they haven't physically studied on campus for the prior 9 months)
  • CPT is mandatory for MPA-ID students, so they are required to have internship in Summer 2021. 

Other schools - what is the news? 

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I'm interested to hear what other schools are doing this fall and the quality of the schools' responses as well.

LBJ school at UT Austin

  • Mix of online, hybrid, and remote classes. Large majority of classes are fully online.
  • 70% of students are still located in the Austin area.
  • Lots of zoom hangouts but also socially distanced in person hangouts occurring.
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