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Grad School application help fordham university msw

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Hello so i graduated last year from college and took a gap year to figure out what graduate degree i waned to pursue and now i feel that after some time off i am ready to apply and am hoping to get into Fordham University for my masters in social work .  I got my undergrad in health science graduated with a 3.8 GPA along with graduating with honors and being a member of the national scholastic honor society for health sciences. while working on my graduate application i wanted to know when it comes to writing your personal statement is it really important to use citations for a personal statement that i have been stuck for the past couple of days trying to figure out how to write my personal statement because i already know about the issue i want to talk about but am hesitating if it will be enough from my own personal knowledge. i also wanted to know will where i work matter when viewing my resume that at the moment for almost 2 years i have worked front desk nights for a law dorm. if anyone is in the process of applying for graduate school at this time can you share your experience of the application process and job background if its related or not. 

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